Australia Expands Working Holiday Visa Program to Include Individuals over 30

Australia has announced exciting changes to its working holiday visa program, opening up new opportunities for individuals over the age of 30. The expansion of the program will benefit not only Brits but also Italians and Danes, allowing them to explore Australia's stunning landscapes, enjoy lucrative job opportunities, and experience the updated regulations that come with this Australia visa. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the recent changes, highlighting the key information for potential applicants.

Age Limit Extension for Brits, Italians, and Danes

In a significant development, Australia has raised the age limit for individuals from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Denmark who wish to participate in the working holiday visa program. Previously restricted to individuals aged 30 and below, the age limit has been increased to 35, granting a wider demographic access to this unique opportunity. The new rules are set to take effect on July 1st, in line with the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement.

Updated Regulations and Future Amendments

Under the new visa agreement, individuals from the aforementioned countries, aged up to 35, will now be eligible to apply for the working holiday visa. This is a positive step towards enhancing international cooperation and cultural exchange. Furthermore, additional changes are expected to be implemented from July 1st, 2024, further streamlining the program. These amendments will primarily focus on easing the restrictions regarding the types of work permitted under the visa.

Removal of Specified Work Requirement

One significant modification to the working holiday visa program is the removal of the requirement to undertake specified work. Previously, applicants were obligated to engage in specific types of work, such as fruit picking or hospitality, for a designated period. With the new regulations, this requirement has been lifted, allowing individuals greater flexibility in choosing their employment options during their stay in Australia.

Six-Month Work Limitation

While the changes have brought about certain relaxations, it is important to note that the six-month work limitation per employer will be reintroduced after June 2023. This means that individuals holding the working holiday visa will be required to switch jobs twice per year, ensuring fair distribution of employment opportunities and encouraging exploration of different sectors.

Increased Visa Availability and Caps

Australia has demonstrated its commitment to fostering international relationships by increasing the number of working holiday visas available. In July 2022, the country expanded the program by 30%, accommodating a greater number of participants. Moreover, the upper age limit was raised from 30 to 35 for Italians and Danes. Additionally, annual caps for applicants from Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia were also increased, providing enhanced opportunities for individuals from these countries to embark on a working holiday adventure in Australia.

Understanding the Working Holiday Visa

The working holiday visa program in Australia presents a unique opportunity for individuals to work and explore the country simultaneously. This visa allows participants to earn money during their temporary stay without the need to obtain full residency. Originally introduced in 1975 to foster connections between Australia and partner countries, the program initially targeted young adults. However, it has evolved over the years to address labor shortages in cities like Perth and attract workers from various nations.

Extensive Partner Country Network

Australia currently has working holiday visa agreements with 19 countries, including Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, a further 28 countries have established similar agreements with set caps. The working holiday visa serves as an important bridge between nations, promoting cultural exchange and collaboration.

Popularity and Statistics

The working holiday visa program has gained immense popularity, with UK nationals being the largest adopters of the scheme. Over 15,000 working holiday visas were granted to UK citizens in the second half of 2022, followed by France (10,474), Ireland (7,410), Germany (6,436), and Italy (5,753). The program is especially popular among gap year students, who often take advantage of this opportunity to explore Australia before commencing their university studies.

Benefits of Moving to Australia

Australia offers a multitude of attractions for those considering a move abroad. Its sunny weather, breathtaking beaches, and picturesque landscapes make it an appealing destination. Additionally, the lack of a language barrier for English speakers and the cultural similarities to the UK contribute to a seamless transition. Furthermore, Australia boasts higher wages compared to many European countries, with the current minimum wage set at $21.38 per hour before tax, surpassing the rates in the UK, France, and Italy.


Australia's expansion of the working holiday visa program to include individuals over 30 marks an exciting opportunity for Brits, Italians, and Danes to embrace the Australian lifestyle, enjoy fulfilling job opportunities, and experience the unique culture of the country. With updated regulations and future amendments on the horizon, the working holiday visa program continues to evolve, facilitating international cooperation and enriching the lives of participants.


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